Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Sketchbook pages!

My friend Isabel

My friend Kyla

The infamous "Rabbit Lady" version 1

Hands study

"Nenemy" a girl from my in progress novel

Pen ink experiment

Steampunk character monologue experiment.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm sick of being ill. I've had a very nasty case of the flu this past week and have missed all of school. I'm not having fun at all. So with most of my time spent in zombified silence I haven't gotten anything done. Seeing as I'm typing this On the pod, I'm not gonna type much. I've watched two seasons of Danger Mouse. Also V for Vendetta. Daytime tv. Cake decorating shows. It's been fairly boring. Anyone know any good cures for flu other than rest and fever reducer? And garlic. I've been having lots of garlic

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cleaning and sorting

Woohoo! I don't have to drive with the DOT to get my license. I scraped through Driver's Ed with a 90%. It was a good day when I didn't see that stamp on the top.

I spent the better part of today rearranging my room. It's been the same since I moved in, and I felt it was time for a change. This also gave me a chance to sort through my multitude of colored pencils, paints, markers, and other stuff that I've hoarded since I was about 6. I still have a load of crayons from my very early years in the special Crayola anniversary tin. Like I'm ever gonna get rid of those!

So all of the pencils are sorted, and resharpened. I've rediscovered my charcoal pencils, and my watercolor pencils my mom gave me last spring for my birthday. Everything got a good sharpening (of course, it gave me three huge sore spots on my fingers. I sharpened about 50 pencils in a row, and that's not counting when they broke on me.) I've also found some of my cute erasers. I love erasers, and some of them actually have stories to them. I have one shaped like a hotdog that my violin teacher gave me one christmas. Another is shaped like a seal that I named Fredrick, and then there's one shaped like a koala.

Anyway, it was really nice finally clearing off my desk to be able to USE it. It's looks really ugly though, because I've had it covered with a cloth for the past 3 years. It still has all of my 8th grade scrawl all over it. Once the weather turns nice, I'm going to drag it outside and give it a well deserved spray job. The particle board won't hold up well to spills if it's not sealed.

Filming went pretty good, until the dog got loose. Thank god Travis went after him, or we'd probably have never caught him. Poor guy ended up totally winded afterwards, and my friend Shay rebroke his toe. Luckily there were no other injuries that day, but everyone was pretty miserable. We're about half way done, and hopefully it'll be nice weather on the 1st so we can finish up.
The artshow was moved to Friday, so I have a bit more time to finish the skirt, but I'm just going to get everything done tomorrow to save me the trouble of the wednesday night rush. The wind up box is giving me the most trouble. We couldn't find ratchet toy, so I have to build it myself, and I don't have that much room to do anything. This is why the milk jug and dowels were invented.

I finally showed Mrs.H the catalog my grandmother sent me for christmas: Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. They sell a lot of the stuff we need for way cheaper than she can get off of the Blick Catalog (we're talking the better difference of $30 on a 72 pack of Prisma Colors. They are absolutely divine colored pencils to work with. They're REALLY amazing) They also have tons of helpful guides on how to buy canvas and paper, and a whole array of really pretty watercolors. There's also a drawing table I'm eyeing, but maybe when I get a job and can pay for it myself. One can only hope. I have a list started up already, so I know what I want.

In Chait Gallery news, I really REALLY need to get down to Blick to get a print. I've heard they're about $120. Since it's turned out so well, my original price was going to be about $200, but since it's so much more to print it, I'm probably going to go up. I don't know how much. Mrs.H wasn't to much of a help when I asked her about it. I've started working on an acrylic painting with some canvases me and Mommy picked up at Michaels for pretty cheap. It's mapped at least. Now I just need some better acrylics to work with than I have. I have all of the primary colors, and black. Wish I could find my white, but I think it's in the shop. Oh well.

All of my work with BoX has been going pretty smoothly. I finished the brochure, and my business card is already done, so I started working on the letterhead. The website will never be done. It'll be pretty hectic, especially because I need to get the domain name and server space and all that. Thank goodness my parents have friends with servers.

I'll post some more of my old sketches on Tuesday, when I finally have access to a computer, including the infamous "rabbit lady". She's my inspiration for an animated music video I'm going to finish someday. It's to a german song by Wir Sind Helden, called Nur Ein Wort. The rabbit lady is going to be in the part when they say "Wenn hinter deinen stillen Hasenaugen die Gedanken rasen" which means "behind your silent rabbit eyes your thoughts are racing". Definitely one of my favorite songs.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's going on in computer land? Long post.

Gotten a little boring around here lately. Just been really tired and creatively drained. So I busted out the old kiddy-plaster set and cast my hand in plaster. We've been working on drawing hands in Adv Drawing, so hopefully this will help me with perspective. It's hard to juggle 2 pencils, a blending stick, and an eraser at the same time.
Mrs. H has been sick lately and we've had some pretty lame substitutes. I know it's mostly because they don't know what we're doing, but it seems like neither of them really had any experience with an art class. Especially ones like ours.
My inking is due tomorrow (FINALLY). I swear if she's not there to collect them I'm going to go nuts. I still need to take some really good pictures of them to enter the Chait Gallery. The application is due on March 7th, so I really need to get this stuff in there.

My clockwork ballerina doll project is coming up on Wednesday, so I'll be posting the video for that. I'm also shooting for my filmfest video on Saturday.

I've also got 2 violin concerts coming up. One is the huge all school concert where everyone shows off, but  since driver's ed made me miss all of the practices, I'm only playing with the orchestra. The second one will be the only one my boyfriend will be able to show up to. Poor Sam had his audition to get into Berklee Music Conservatory, and he's not to sure if he did ok, or if he totally bombed it. He's a really really fantastic guitarist, so I'm sure he did fine. Anyway, Mr.L (the dean of students) kindly recinded his banning from the school grounds for this concert. There were a lot of things that lead to his early graduation and immediate banning, and it can get pretty sticky when trying to explain it. So I won't here.

I also get to design either a newspaper, or do a visual art peice for The Catcher In The Rye, for english.

And last but not least, I feel rather accomplished. We had to move all of the old yearbooks out of the storage room and pitch them because they're adding an addition onto City. Of course, this is after I leave, but we still get pinned into it. Anyway, we got to snag whatever copies of whatever we wanted- since those of us on staff are absolutely magical. I got 10 copies of The Red+White ranging from 1990-2009. A pretty good run. The one from '90 is pretty infamous, mostly because of all the stuff that slipped past the supervisor. I mean, when they can write f*** in peas on the cover, along with all the innuendos that go with it, it's a little outrageous. Anyways, I'm going to turn them into art books, and fill them with interesting things and scraps of stuff.

Okay, this is the REAL last one. We got the fabric for my prom dress! Mommy and I got some plain, slighlty matte black fabric for the dress, and a bright-hypersaturated red brocade with cherry blossoms in black scattered across it, for the accent and a belt. It's going to be BAM. And that is an accurate descriptor word for that black. It's aboslutely divine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The final piece of The Elements: Wind

I've finally got the right drawing for the last picture in The Elements series. I haven't finished coloring it yet, but I'll post the sketch while I have time here at school:
I'm also working on a little present for my chemistry teacher. She mentioned that she was "the chemistry goddess" a while back, so I decided to make one, just for fun. Things get me thinking and find their way onto paper, you know?
This same teacher gave me an extra point on an assignment because I had "revealed the REAL mole-gram relationship" and doodled a mole eating a graham cracker on the corner. Aren't I the cute one?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yay for friends!

I got two more holes punched in my head today, by one of my best friends.

My friend Lea is in training to become an ear piercer at our local set of Claire's stores, so I volunteered to be her first victim. She's only been able to practice on their foam ear guides, and was rather pleased to find that I had a "perfect ear"- one that was the exact same size, shape, and width of her practice ears.

I've had my ears done before, when I was 10, for my aunt's wedding. I let myself pick a color this time because I had just gotten plain cubic zirconia the first time, to match the dress.

How it happened was rather funny. I ended up leaned over in the seat because my friend is VERY short. She's like a fun sized candy bar in people form. Since she hasn't had experience with the elasticity of human skin, on the first one, she managed to get the earring through, but the back didn't detach, so she had me put it on. The second one she couldn't get to line up right, so her boss stepped in and did it for her. I'm probably going to end up volunteering for this again, for a 3rd piercing, sometime. Mommy was even thinking of getting a 3rd one done.

Speaking of Mom, she had to reassure one of the other mothers there that Lea wasn't going to pierce her daughter's ears, which was when I pipped up that I had volunteered for the job of being the dummy. The visual relaxation was hysterical.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sketchbook from 2009

A little trip down memory lane, I found my sketchbook from 2009, or the beginning of 10th grade. I thought I'd post a few of my sketches, since I've got all of the ones that I want preserved, scanned in. It's a little scary.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black Angel Inking: UPDATE

We got out of school early yesterday, so I brought my inking home (like he11 we were gonna have school today. We've even got a 2 hour delay tomorrow) because it's due on Monday. *Dramatic music* I'm no where close to being done, but I'm a little closer now.

After I took these, I got the bush done, and some more of the larger trees. I can't work on if tor to long though, because all of the little tiny details keep giving me a headache. The black on very very very light grey is a little eye straining.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black Angel Inking

For being such a terrible statue, she's rather beautiful.
Side by side comparison of the original photo, and the past progress on the inking.
Angel detail
Closer Angel detail (a little blurry)
This one shows off the shading in the skirt really well.

I thought i'd post a few progress pictures from last week of my latest project: an inking of The Black Angel, in Oakland Cemetery. Aparently Ms.H (my art teacher) thinks ink is "totally [my] thing". It has turned out rather well. Unfortunately these were taken with my terrible, evil, little Vivitar, so I had to edit the coloring to make the paper not look lime green. It's come along way since these pictures. I just started on all of the tiny little tree branches today.
Talk about giving yourself a head ache!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer fun!

I mention in my profile that I worked with a band called The Melismatics. I went up to Minneapolis for a 2 week program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and picked up a lot of my current know-how there. One of the awesome things, was helping the band make their music video for their recent single.

I worked the 9-5 shift. When I say 9-5, I'm saying 9PM to 5AM. Exhausting indeed, but so totally wicked. Here's the video:

The night was way to much fun for everyone involved. We were all chugging Coke until about 3AM, and then stopped so we could get some sleep while we still could.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Little Mermaid- Digital Art

The Little Mermaid fell in love with a Human

So she went to see Ursula the Sea Witch

She had three days to make him fall in love with her

But he married another girl

So she threw herself into the sea

And turned into seafoam

This was based off of the real story of The Little Mermaid, not the Disnified licensed version. 

Everything but the last page was sketched in my Strathmore Windpower, scanned in, and colored in Adobe CS5 Photoshop running 64-bit-mode.

The last page was a picture of seafoam, colored over in Adobe CS5

The Elements- Digital Art

I'm not quite done with this set of 4 digital art pieces. The Wind keeps slipping through my fingers (lol, thanks for that one mom).



All of these were sketched  in my Strathmore Windpower Sketchbook (9x12), and then scanned into the computer and colored with Adobe CS5 Photoshop, running in 32-bit-mode.

Fire uses created light sources in the upper left hand corner, and in the hair.
Earth used an image from NASA. I sketched the circle in as a guide, and then edited the earth into the place of the circle.
Water was finally created after 3-4 drafts.

All were colored in with  low opacity, soft brushes (opacity around 7%-41% depending on situation).

The Rejuvenation of A Past Blog

So, I've heard from my mother (My Freezer Is Full) that people have been wanting to see my art work. I have decided, that since my website isn't done yet, I'll use this as the blog, and a temporary portfolio. The website will contain everything I've ever done. which includes my frist photoshop job (back in 2005) to my most recent digital art, and my school projects.

I hope you all enjoy it!