Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black Angel Inking

For being such a terrible statue, she's rather beautiful.
Side by side comparison of the original photo, and the past progress on the inking.
Angel detail
Closer Angel detail (a little blurry)
This one shows off the shading in the skirt really well.

I thought i'd post a few progress pictures from last week of my latest project: an inking of The Black Angel, in Oakland Cemetery. Aparently Ms.H (my art teacher) thinks ink is "totally [my] thing". It has turned out rather well. Unfortunately these were taken with my terrible, evil, little Vivitar, so I had to edit the coloring to make the paper not look lime green. It's come along way since these pictures. I just started on all of the tiny little tree branches today.
Talk about giving yourself a head ache!


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You have some great detail happening!