Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer fun!

I mention in my profile that I worked with a band called The Melismatics. I went up to Minneapolis for a 2 week program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and picked up a lot of my current know-how there. One of the awesome things, was helping the band make their music video for their recent single.

I worked the 9-5 shift. When I say 9-5, I'm saying 9PM to 5AM. Exhausting indeed, but so totally wicked. Here's the video:

The night was way to much fun for everyone involved. We were all chugging Coke until about 3AM, and then stopped so we could get some sleep while we still could.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Little Mermaid- Digital Art

The Little Mermaid fell in love with a Human

So she went to see Ursula the Sea Witch

She had three days to make him fall in love with her

But he married another girl

So she threw herself into the sea

And turned into seafoam

This was based off of the real story of The Little Mermaid, not the Disnified licensed version. 

Everything but the last page was sketched in my Strathmore Windpower, scanned in, and colored in Adobe CS5 Photoshop running 64-bit-mode.

The last page was a picture of seafoam, colored over in Adobe CS5

The Elements- Digital Art

I'm not quite done with this set of 4 digital art pieces. The Wind keeps slipping through my fingers (lol, thanks for that one mom).



All of these were sketched  in my Strathmore Windpower Sketchbook (9x12), and then scanned into the computer and colored with Adobe CS5 Photoshop, running in 32-bit-mode.

Fire uses created light sources in the upper left hand corner, and in the hair.
Earth used an image from NASA. I sketched the circle in as a guide, and then edited the earth into the place of the circle.
Water was finally created after 3-4 drafts.

All were colored in with  low opacity, soft brushes (opacity around 7%-41% depending on situation).

The Rejuvenation of A Past Blog

So, I've heard from my mother (My Freezer Is Full) that people have been wanting to see my art work. I have decided, that since my website isn't done yet, I'll use this as the blog, and a temporary portfolio. The website will contain everything I've ever done. which includes my frist photoshop job (back in 2005) to my most recent digital art, and my school projects.

I hope you all enjoy it!