Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yay for friends!

I got two more holes punched in my head today, by one of my best friends.

My friend Lea is in training to become an ear piercer at our local set of Claire's stores, so I volunteered to be her first victim. She's only been able to practice on their foam ear guides, and was rather pleased to find that I had a "perfect ear"- one that was the exact same size, shape, and width of her practice ears.

I've had my ears done before, when I was 10, for my aunt's wedding. I let myself pick a color this time because I had just gotten plain cubic zirconia the first time, to match the dress.

How it happened was rather funny. I ended up leaned over in the seat because my friend is VERY short. She's like a fun sized candy bar in people form. Since she hasn't had experience with the elasticity of human skin, on the first one, she managed to get the earring through, but the back didn't detach, so she had me put it on. The second one she couldn't get to line up right, so her boss stepped in and did it for her. I'm probably going to end up volunteering for this again, for a 3rd piercing, sometime. Mommy was even thinking of getting a 3rd one done.

Speaking of Mom, she had to reassure one of the other mothers there that Lea wasn't going to pierce her daughter's ears, which was when I pipped up that I had volunteered for the job of being the dummy. The visual relaxation was hysterical.

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