Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's going on in computer land? Long post.

Gotten a little boring around here lately. Just been really tired and creatively drained. So I busted out the old kiddy-plaster set and cast my hand in plaster. We've been working on drawing hands in Adv Drawing, so hopefully this will help me with perspective. It's hard to juggle 2 pencils, a blending stick, and an eraser at the same time.
Mrs. H has been sick lately and we've had some pretty lame substitutes. I know it's mostly because they don't know what we're doing, but it seems like neither of them really had any experience with an art class. Especially ones like ours.
My inking is due tomorrow (FINALLY). I swear if she's not there to collect them I'm going to go nuts. I still need to take some really good pictures of them to enter the Chait Gallery. The application is due on March 7th, so I really need to get this stuff in there.

My clockwork ballerina doll project is coming up on Wednesday, so I'll be posting the video for that. I'm also shooting for my filmfest video on Saturday.

I've also got 2 violin concerts coming up. One is the huge all school concert where everyone shows off, but  since driver's ed made me miss all of the practices, I'm only playing with the orchestra. The second one will be the only one my boyfriend will be able to show up to. Poor Sam had his audition to get into Berklee Music Conservatory, and he's not to sure if he did ok, or if he totally bombed it. He's a really really fantastic guitarist, so I'm sure he did fine. Anyway, Mr.L (the dean of students) kindly recinded his banning from the school grounds for this concert. There were a lot of things that lead to his early graduation and immediate banning, and it can get pretty sticky when trying to explain it. So I won't here.

I also get to design either a newspaper, or do a visual art peice for The Catcher In The Rye, for english.

And last but not least, I feel rather accomplished. We had to move all of the old yearbooks out of the storage room and pitch them because they're adding an addition onto City. Of course, this is after I leave, but we still get pinned into it. Anyway, we got to snag whatever copies of whatever we wanted- since those of us on staff are absolutely magical. I got 10 copies of The Red+White ranging from 1990-2009. A pretty good run. The one from '90 is pretty infamous, mostly because of all the stuff that slipped past the supervisor. I mean, when they can write f*** in peas on the cover, along with all the innuendos that go with it, it's a little outrageous. Anyways, I'm going to turn them into art books, and fill them with interesting things and scraps of stuff.

Okay, this is the REAL last one. We got the fabric for my prom dress! Mommy and I got some plain, slighlty matte black fabric for the dress, and a bright-hypersaturated red brocade with cherry blossoms in black scattered across it, for the accent and a belt. It's going to be BAM. And that is an accurate descriptor word for that black. It's aboslutely divine.

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Erin said...

Can't wait to hear how the dress turns out, the fabric sounds fantastic. Love the new header artwork!