Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Elements- Digital Art

I'm not quite done with this set of 4 digital art pieces. The Wind keeps slipping through my fingers (lol, thanks for that one mom).



All of these were sketched  in my Strathmore Windpower Sketchbook (9x12), and then scanned into the computer and colored with Adobe CS5 Photoshop, running in 32-bit-mode.

Fire uses created light sources in the upper left hand corner, and in the hair.
Earth used an image from NASA. I sketched the circle in as a guide, and then edited the earth into the place of the circle.
Water was finally created after 3-4 drafts.

All were colored in with  low opacity, soft brushes (opacity around 7%-41% depending on situation).


fullfreezer said...

Love the curvaceous fire! Oh, sorry, that's not very constructive is it..

Ooo, my verification word is eternall...


Erin said...

These are very creative and seem to give a definite glimpse of your personality in them, too! Thank your mom for having her share the link to your page! From what I can tell through your mom, you have a fantastic head on your shoulders, are very open to new ideas, and loads of talent - you will be very successful I'm sure, every parent should be so lucky! Lots of luck to you as you go through the next year gaining experience and prepping for school applications, keep on showing your stuff!